About Krizalid

Who actually is Krizalid?
Krizalid is the owner of this site who does everything from editing, typesetting, translation, and other tasks needed to be done all by himself.

Krizalid is one of the many tripfags across /a/, in which he is usually seen in the daily sadpanda threads where he converses in a gentlemanly manner towards various anons, namefags, and other tripfags about hentai.

Krizalid started working on ero manga after seeing a thread where someone needs to edit the raw for the translation he has provided, he wore his badass coat afterwards and took on the task. With his ability to do a lot of things and reading many manga titles to easily adapt and know what to and what not to do, he has posted his first release within 24 hours. With some advise from people from /a/ on posting it on EH before someone else does, hence taking all the credit, he set up shop there immediately as “KrizalidTR” to showcase his work.

After many months of Krizalid being the mainstay of the sadpanda threads, he decided to give back to the community by translating and editing works that aren’t interesting enough to the other groups/individuals.

Ultimately, Krizalid is a solid one man team and prefers it that way.


What is “Krizalid’s Editing Workshop”?
Krizalid’s Editing Workshop is this site you’re in right now, and it contains his past and present works. Here, he could hear the people’s voices if they liked the release or not.

This site is made in the first place for the sole purpose of presenting the works just like a legitimate scanlation group with descriptions and whatnot, while giving the visitors more options to download the release, especially if the visitor has no Gallery Points and Credits, nor unable to torrent due to their country not allowing to download all of the awesome stuff from EH.


What is Krizalid’s stance on working with a group?
Long before Krizalid’s Editing Workshop came to life, he had experienced working with various groups in the past. Resulting to that and his preference on working alone in real life, he preferred to do everything by himself instead to prevent:

  • Any form of drama.
  • Long waiting times for a single work to be released to the public due to revisions.
  • Working in a system that differs from Krizalid’s way of dealing with things.
  • Telling him to do this and that, instead of his way, delaying the release.
Translating/Editing is a form of hobby for a busy working man like Krizalid, and he doesn’t want anything that will compromise his way of having fun. And if he’s going to work with someone else, it’ll be the random translator that pops out on his email inbox asking if he could edit this and that, and not from a full blown group with their own work structure. Also, he is never comfortable with other people asking him anything other than his pseudonym anyway.
Being in a group strays from his actual goal to provide content that he and his Jolly African-Americans loves.
With all seriousness, I’m too lazy to join a group (again), go through a gauntlet of tests, and share something trivial such as “where do you live?,” “how old are you?,” or “how fast and efficient are you?”

Krizalid at E-Hentai: “Give Credit Where Credit is Due”
So, you’ve seen this blog due to my work being uploaded there? It means that I am somewhat successful in getting my name out there.

Other than that, when people ask me for a job/bounty (which I would rarely accept), be prepared that I’ll translate, edit, AND upload the finished work at E-H. Which means that I’ll ignore your request of me sending you the PSD(s), script, or the finished work for you to upload. But I will not ask for your credits, because I don’t have the need for it.

I’m not actually interested in credits or haths. I only need ample gallery points for me to download raws or other works, especially when there’s no torrent for it or someone failed to make one. I’ll let you in on a secret right now, I don’t like playing the browser game (credits) nor interested in upgrading my perks (hath).

What I’m really interested is the mod power, for me to put up the proper tags for my work with high authority.

But if you feel like throwing “almost” useless currency at me, it would be better to show some support by visiting this blog, leave a comment, and spread the word about Krizalid Translations. Sharing my work elsewhere while giving proper credit makes me happy too.

If you want to give something other than a word of appreciation, you could also donate.

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  1. Hai Krizalid-san ^^ my name is Mia. I want to ask permission. May I reupload your doujin here to my FB page? Original credit will always stay inside 😉 and i will give link back to your site in each post 😀 how about it? Thanks..

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