Announcement: Krizalid is now on FAKKU!

Krizalid's Profile on Fakku!As seen in the screenshot beside this, Krizalid has gained uploader status on the vanilla hentai site, FAKKU!

With all thanks to Jacob for giving me uploader privileges and letting me take over the dormant username/profile, I’ll be able to broaden my reach to spread the word of Krizalid and his basedness.

Of course, this won’t change Krizalid’s way of picking new works one bit, I’ll still be translating things that both of us wants. It’s just that I’ll be adding links to the FAKKU! gallery to my release pages (that isn’t loli, shota, yaoi, BESTiality, scat, or any other questionable contents) here.

Given that my future releases includes chapters 3-4 of Tsukino Jyogi’s Boku no Yayoi-san, I’ll surely enjoy the anal devastation of the users there.

Even little things such as butthurt entertains yours truly somehow.

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