Announcement: Krizalid is now on

With all thanks to Oliver of for recommending me this fantastic piece of work right here, I’ve been able to replace as my online image gallery, because ImageTwist’s UI is major balls to read porn with.

Check them manly dark theme right there, BROTHER.

But what about E-Hentai, Krizalid?

Don’t worry jackdude, my future works will still be uploaded there with the help of someone (if you follow Krizalid news, you’ll know why), it’s just that I’m just giving all of you another way to read, download, and/or fap to my works, since the majority of you are strong individuals who doesn’t want to heed the rules of paying with Gallery Points or Credits to download my works, or just maybe you can’t download via torrent.

What’s new on Krizalid Translations?

A new page on how will you support Krizalid, if you want to.

What’s next for Krizalid?

The next chapter of Boku no Yayoi-san in the coming weeks.

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    • Maybe I’ll do some two-pagers of his once I am able to squeeze some time on it due to the current translation queue and personal+career.

      Well actually, it’s more on the personal+career aspect.

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