Announcement: Krizalid is Over.

Well, it looks like I won’t be uploading any content to E-Hentai anytime soon. (Translation: Forever)

To be frank, it’s all my fault to upload this gallery once.

With that, I’ll have someone else to do the dirty work for me.

Note: I’m using the wrestling term “Over” instead of its original definition “Over.”

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    • Yours truly being irrevocably banned from uploading at E-H was just a tiny speed bump. But one thing’s for sure, the releases won’t stop.

      Sometimes, you have to be twisted to capture the right audience.

  1. What – banned for life ? Because you posted a mix-up of a loli and of a wrestler ? Seriously, dafuq O_o I mean, in comparison, there’s guro shit, toddlercon shit, there’s just EVERYTHING at e-h (another reason I don’t like e-h, incidentally), so your crazy gallery shouldn’t have been such a problem O_o

    If you want to post your images to online readers, there’s fakku as you must know, but maybe you could be interested in the reader at The Lusty Lady Project ? It’s a nicely coded thingy. Just saying :)

  2. Yeah, and I’m absolutely aware that the gallery will be deleted in time (an hour or two after the upload) due to the voting system there as I also know that my gallery is so to say… “garbage,” but I was surprised that I’ll be permanently banned on uploading instead of yours truly getting a slap to the wrist or maybe a temporary ban. You got to hand it to the Vigilantes there (their version of the forum police), maybe that’s what the people on the E-H/Ex-H thread on /a/ are talking about. If they hate you or get analpained with your crazyness, well, your ass is fucked. (sup, jackdudes)

    In terms of online readers, I know that I have less chance in going with FAKKU, as the majority of my content is not the best match for that place. But that reader used by The Lusty Lady Project ( actually looks snazzy, as ImageTwist as my alternative online gallery option is absolute balls (The CPM is low and the navigation sucks for the visitors), and abandoning that would be cool. At this point, you might be aware that my download model is based on yours.

    Lastly, E-Hentai is just a tool for me to get raws and somehow to get the name “Krizalid” out there. But /a/ did their best to make the latter work.

    • >At this point, you might be aware that my download model is based on yours.
      I noticed right away :V

      By the way, if you haven’t already gotten someone to post your shit on Sad Panda, I could do it for you I guess :V Hit me up on IRC or something.

      • For the stuff I post on Hentairules, I use UltraMegaBit and FileFactory in addition to the ones Oliver uses. Ofc, I’m in the States so stuff like DepositFiles or Rapidgator are useless to me for earning money :V FileFactory is too unless you get a boat load of downloads (minimum withdrawal is $100, still like $20 shy that myself)…

        • >UltraMegabit and FileFactory
          Noted. I’ll check them out, as DF and Rapidgator is getting more and more useless for me in terms of numbers. is the only one moving, so I think it’s time to switch the others a bit.

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