[Aomizuan (Erodezain Koubou)] Kiniitta Chitsu ni Ikinari Nakadashi OK na Resort Shima 3

For this release, you’ve saved $90.00 from translation and editing costs.

This is the fourth part and the last part (for now) of my collaboration release with Dynellen as the “Hey Krizalid, here’s some script” (commissioner), and yours truly as the editor. For this work, it was translated by Anonymous.

I was gone for the whole month of January due to some work things (meetings, presentations, and travels) I have to take care of. For this release, holy crap this is hard, but not hard enough to throw it away.

Also, I just found out when I picked this up that I was branded a martyr for taking this. Other editors shied away from picking this up. Normal editors would’ve charged real money for this. But, this is Krizalid we’re talking about here. I am not normal, but it sure as hell would be peachy if I get some dollarydoos out of it.

You want some sluts? Of course you do. You’re here at Krizalid Translations, where a hodgepodge of fetishes are all under one roof!

This work contains big tits, THICK, sex on the outdoors, sex indoors, SLUTS!, FAT ASSES!, plus a whole lot of things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai or wherever you found this.

Up next, another collaboration work. I’m sorry, sureok1.

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>It’s like you don’t want him to be better equipped

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Aomizuan - PM 001 Aomizuan - PM 002 Aomizuan - PM 003

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