[Blmanian] Buruman ch.6

We’re nearing the end, jackdudes. This time, we’re going for the typical “<insert mode of transportation> + gangbang,” but what made it better is the presence of bloomers.

Currently, NJPW’s G1 Climax 24 has been taking over my time. As evident on the 1 week delay.

It contains group, buttsex, unity through dicks, and all other supposed tags that aren’t erroneously tagged on E-Hentai.

Chapter 7 coming up soon. Staying hype on Japanese wrestling really impacts my release schedule (what schedule?).

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>not donating to Krizalid


Gallery and download links are posted right down below.

Download Links for Chapter 1-6

(138MB, 151 Pages, English Translated)
Alternative Download Mirrors:
Online Readers:
Fufufuu.net (DEAD) | FAKKU!

Download Links for Just Chapter 6

(25MB, 26 Pages, English Translated)
Alternative Download Mirrors:

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