(C83) [Blmanian (Blmanian)] Sakura H mo Ganbaru! (Street Fighter)

It has been a while since I last worked on a doujin, and this is a work of my favorite artist (Blmanian). This release of mine is not requested by anyone from /a/ or wherever, I did it out of love, and it has been in my translation queue due to yours truly working on other stuff.

This title gives focus on Sakura’s bloomers, her naivete and obsession for Ryu, in which Dan used to his advantage. This contains a cameo appearances by Hinata, Batsu, and Kyosuke from Rival Schools. Also, Ken from Street Fighter.

Next up, another work requested by an Anonymous from /a/ which is coincidentally I’ve been wanting to work on since my early years.

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(60 MB, 32 Pages, English Translated)
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