(C84) [Shinsen Gokuraku (Shuragyoku Mami)] Hime-sama, Obenkyou no Ojikan desu. (Tales of the Abyss)

For this release, you’ve saved $39.00 from translation and editing costs.

With all thanks to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I wasn’t able to finish that easy as fuck translation and decided to work on someone else’s script instead. You can’t blame me, man. MGSV is a very very fun game, and it doesn’t feel like a chore when I need to go back to earlier missions and S Rank the non-S Ranked ones, plus finishing all the mission tasks I missed. After doing them all up til mission 31 (Sahelanthropus), I’ll resume on finishing the latter part of the game.

I’m also working on some footage for the manga editing series that J-Dog (one of the comment boys here) suggested. Because, helping out young boys is cool.

Going back to the lewd stuff,

Trevor sent me a set of script that an anonymous person worked on. And since it’s Tales of the Abyss, I took those motherfuckers in.

Release #58 - Thanks to Trevor

Thank you, Trevor!

This work contains sweet sweet vanilla, IMHO the BEST GIRL (Tear is the next best girl), plus a whole lot of things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai or wherever you found this.

Up next, another Tales of the Abyss doujin.

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