(C85) [Dairiseki (Hakaba)] Kirishima -Kirishima Ryoujoku Choukyou Kiroku- (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

For this release, you saved $30.00 on commissioning costs.

So, time for B E S T G I R L.

As shown on my previous KanColle release, I’m a fan of boatwaifus. I don’t really like working on KanColle doujin, but when I do, it’s because my favorites are featured in it.

Boatgirls aside, the second reason why I worked on this is because it’s drawn by Hakaba, one of my favorite artists. Though the art isn’t that stellar when you compare it to Fue, Carn, Tsukino Jyogi, or whoever, but the level of depravity it contains makes up for it. In my opinion, that is.

This work contains bondage, BEST GIRL, glasses, things you expect in Hakaba’s work, plus a whole lot of things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai or wherever you found this.

Up next, something about muscles and sluts while waiting for the raw for Pink Labyrinth to be released.

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