(C86) [Sucharaka Knight! (Orita)] Hungry Angel (King of Fighters)

For this release, you saved $45.00+$4.00 (buying the RAW) on commissioning costs.

I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years, and I’ve never released something related to my online persona, which is the King of Fighters game series.

Back in 2001, I started to like Angel for both aesthetics and gameplay sense. But that alone doesn’t beat Vanessa, Shermie, King, or Elisabreasts BEST GIRL.

I’ve been eyeing this work for a very long time given that there’s no raw for this specific work, and the artist/circle isn’t that popular enough to let me have an easier way to download the stuff. Which leads me to buying this one. Orita is one of my favorite artists, especially with the way he draws the characters.

You may ask, why this specific one instead of the hundreds and hundreds of KOF works out there? Some of the answers/resolutions I can give right now are:

  1. Some of what I want to work on are already translated.
  2. Not fucking Mai Shiranui again. Mai is eh.
  3. Nothing interesting.
  4. I’ll even work on a Shen x Ash, Ash getting molested, or any other yaoi out there, but it’s either nonexistent, or typically locked behind some gay forum out there. If you have some, call me.
  5. Maybe I’ll work on a Yuri (Sakazaki) or an Athena one in the future.

On other note, digitals are fucking atrocious sometimes.

This work contains sluttery, buttsex, double penetration, plus a whole lot of things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai or wherever you found this.

Up next, something FABULOUS while waiting for the raw for Pink Labyrinth to be released.

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>It’s 2015 already

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(55MB, 38 Pages, English Translated)
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6 responses

  1. On that note of KOF doujins that aren’t Mai all day erryday, I saw on Pixiv a couple of K’ x Kula ones. One done by coco/eccentricrouge, the other I can’t translate the name for shit. They’re also apparently hard as fuck to find too outside of seeing those 7-page previews in seller sites.

    On another note, how do you feel about your recent decision to translate for the Yaoi community?

    Those out of the way, thanks! This was a pretty fun read. Angel adventures are often hilarious.

    • >On that note of KOF doujins that aren’t Mai all day erryday
      Yeah, but a good percentage is all Mai, and I’m sick of Mai. The world needs (I need) more King, Elisabeth, Vanessa, Shermie, M/V, and Leona.

      >One done by coco/eccentricrouge
      I saw that, and I don’t see it uploaded anywhere before. And I would gladly buy that digitally because there aren’t much K’ x Kula around.
      Hell, there’s an old post by Yumeno Tanuki showing Elisabeth and Ash. But it’s a guest illustration for another artist, and I can’t buy it.

      >On another note, how do you feel about your recent decision to translate for the Yaoi community?
      Actually, that wasn’t recent. I already did yaoi before.

      • I’m just happy that there’s at least two K/Kula doujins that have been translated (I think Glacial Mannequin and Play Back, also starring the Korea Team JUSTICE and Yuri). Maybe someday we’ll find scans of those.

        ;_;7 Stay REAL bro

        • Seeing all those still unscanned KOF doujin makes me sad, especially this one with Yashiro x Chris. For now, I’ll work on those untranslated ones that’s in E-Hentai. There’s still a lot of ignored & poorly translated ones.

          ;_;\m/ TOO SWEET! Stay REAL too, and be a lonely warrior tonight.

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