(C88) [Garland (Kuroharuto)] The Belle and Flower in prison (Prison School)

For this release, you’ve saved $30.00 from translation and editing costs.

This is part 1 of my collaboration release with Dynellen as the commissioner, and yours truly as the editor. For this work, it was translated by Kunkunmaru.

Prison School/Kangoku Gakuen was one of my favorite reads for a long time now, and it never fails to make me laugh. But until now, I still haven’t watched the anime due to yours truly being forgetful about watching whatever’s in season. Even though I watch GochiUsa S2, Osomatsu-san, and YuruYuri San Hai! as soon as they come out.

This work contains BEST GIRL Hana, futanari, Based Chairman, ass-like titties, plus a whole lot of things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai or wherever you found this.

Up next, another another collaboration release.

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