[Fujiya] You’ve Got Female Ch. 01

Time for a new series! A good series that people from various places (/v/ and /a/ among others) are discussing about. Sadly, no one’s interested on working on it until “Based Krizalid” decided on his own to work on it, and it fits my fancy to an awesome degree.

This work contains gender bending, inverted nipples, buttsex, group, buttsex, blowjob, buttsex, paizuri, buttsex, some sort of blackmail, and BUTTSEX, plus a whole lot of things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai or wherever you found this.

Up next, chapter 2. But just let me watch and get disappointed at WWE Hell in a Cell live first, because wrestling goes first.

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>not donating to Krizalid

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8 responses

    • I’m only in it for Ambrose vs Rollins.
      Maybe Ziggler vs Cesaro too. But the fucking IC match on a random Smackdown almost killed the hype.

      For Little Indian Boy (AJ) vs. OI ME TWAT (Paige), I may watch it.

  1. Hey i heard you can translate some adult mangas well i have some few manga one doujinshi from pixiv, a manga from some hentai magazine and some 2 tg mangas from the adult anthology series nyotaika paradise in my gallery can you translate them?
    the Albums that contains the untranslated mangas are
    1)gender swap manga by shiki :https://imgur.com/a/HNkdM#0
    2)tenth man: https://imgur.com/a/TbxTb#0
    3)unknown manga by a pixivartist : https://imgur.com/a/pA7ip#0

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