[Hamashima Shigeo] Buka-chu

Time for some side projects while I’m still working with the chapter 2 of Buruman. This has been requested to me by someone from /a/, due to it being underappreciated, and it has been ages since someone worked on this artist.

For the uninitiated, Hamashima Shigeo is the artist for the game “Euphoria” by CLOCKUP, and “Otonari no Kokujin Otto ni Dakarete Nakimodaeru Saiai no Tsuma. Sono Hikikae ni Ajiwau Kokujin Tsuma no Hada. -Big Black Cock & Big Black Butt & My Sweet Wife-” by ORC SOFT, which those two are my old and current favorites, respectively.

This short contains spats, oral, and all other things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai.

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(3MB, 5 Pages, English Translated)
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