[Higashiyama Show] Joyful Girl ch.1

This is one of those times in “Krizalid Translations” where Krizalid doesn’t do all the translations and doing the editing, supplemental TL and QC instead. The script has been posted on /a/ due to some anon wanting to have a Higashiyama Show work translated, and another one complied with a translation, and given that I was in the thread, I volunteered to work on it due to my love of the artist.

For more non-translation role that Krizalid handled, there’s Kujira BoxMary Solves a Problem in a Pavlovian Fashion, and Miku’s Got One.

This first out of three chapters contains consensual sexual relationship between a man and a woman, and all other things that aren’t erroneously tagged at E-Hentai.

Next release? Chapter 2 in a few.

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EDIT: Replaced missing first page. Gallery and download links are posted right down below.

(16MB, 38 Pages, English Translated)
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