Just Talking: On “Energy Kyo-ka!!”

My chocolate milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Damn right, it's better than yours.

My chocolate milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Damn right, it’s better than yours. I can teach you, but I have to charge.

I know that my faithful readers have seen my current release “Energy Kyo-ka!!” and wondering if “Based” Krizalid would continue the whole story, and whatnot. But before that, let me share you a story.

One day, I saw a 3 gallery salvo at E-Hentai which is the compilation books of “Energy Kyo-ka!!”. I gave it a read and was interested with the story of “sluts being massive sluts” with a bucket of brown added to it. Henceforth, I started translating the first book.

Few hours ago at /a/, while I was uploading the finished chapter, some dude there told me that there was a translation bounty active for the whole story by psyburn21. Since Krizalid doesn’t like cancelling the whole upload and scrap the work, as it’s a waste of time, hence I posted it.

Few minutes after uploading the gallery at E-Hentai, a familiar name appears. It’s psyburn21, telling me:

“I guess this means there will be dueling versions of this series. I was gonna have the first chapter of its up next weekend.”

Okay, let me share you a thing of mine; Other than rarely to never looking at the comment’s section, I never voluntarily looked at translation bounties (The bounty link for my older work by the artist Muchin was thrown to me by a good /a/non) because I work as I please, and please as I work. Credits and Hath was already useless for me at this point.

Going back.

Well, it can’t be helped, he had the bounty dated few months back, and I just worked on my own volition.

“@KrizalidTR, I’ll pm you about this.” -psyburn21

“EDIT: Just email me, psyburn. I tend to forget that there’s a new mail in my forum inbox.” -Krizalid

Then an edit from his original post. I told him to email me instead, as I tend to forget that there’s a new mail in my forum PM inbox.

He told me that he already had the script handled by someone and waiting for the raws to arrive. Thanking me for being considerate.

Also, would you be interested in translating Sanbun Kyoden doujins?” -psyburn21

I told him that it’s okay, and will work on another instead.

“But yeah, I’ll fold and work on another, as it would be a waste of effort to work on something that someone else is already working on, and there are loads of books to be done that no one’s giving any attention to.” -Krizalid

So, there you have it. No bad blood, no drama, just gentlemanly talk between two guys from the H-scanlation community.

“I’m gonna delay releasing my version for a few weeks so your chapter one can get the attention it deserves.” -psyburn21

“No need, just post it as you scheduled it, else the excitement would die down (who am I kidding? it wont die down). Just think of my first chapter as hype material for them to hype about for your release.” -Krizalid

So, go to Funeral of Smiles and GET HYPED!


Now, for a bonus related to this post:

Energy Kyo-ka!! - Was it that worth it

Even though I rarely read the comments section, there’s usually some cool dudes saying cool stuff. And let me answer this cool dude here.

1. Even if I finish the whole book, I won’t be getting the bounty. 2million credits and some hath would go to the person who submitted the script to psyburn21.

2. For me as of now, credits and hath are useless, and not convertible to cash.

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    • Yeah, scanlation and h-scanlation community sometimes has way too much drama, and yours truly adding to it won’t do any better.

      And posts like this prevents people from assuming that there’s drama brewing.

  1. Are they still planning to translate this?
    Because its been all quiet and no hint of progress has been made from the other team.

  2. I have a feeling if you don’t, nobody will.
    So when you get some room, think you can give it a shot?

    I mean they never released their version, the only English is yours and the Spanish translation from it.
    Like nobody is touching that for unknown reasons and I believe because it’s because nobody knows about it at all.

    Think you can spread it around a little if you cant make room?

    • >I have a feeling if you don’t, nobody will.
      I really hope that’s not the case, since I love that series so much (why pick up something I don’t like anyways?).

      The thing is, psyburn21 already had the full script through the E-Hentai bounty system. The only thing left is for him to edit them in. What I don’t know is what is holding him back, maybe he’s got something personal to take care of? Dunno.

  3. I just hope something develops.
    I really want to see this translated it would be a shame if all of that aspired to nothing.

  4. Alright, I did some research and the translation for this is doomed confirmed.
    You wont be stepping on anyone toes if you do translate this.

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