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Recently, I’ve been directly receiving scripts in the comments section, and picking up various scripts from various places then making them into those images you fap along with, like what you see below:

Some of reasons that are given to me by the ones who threw the script at me is the fact that I can do the job very well, or just referencing my past editing works.

So this time, I’ll make it official. Here are what I need to have Krizalid edit your lewd mangoes:

  1. A proper script – But take note that to make the script grammatically correct, unless the character is bad at talking coherently (Chaika), or a bumbling donkey. I accept that not everyone who subscribes to my works are native American English speakers, But Krizalid re-translating your script beats the purpose of this whole shebang. Another thing is that, if the RAW is in Chinese/Korean (God please, no), you better have some few characters as a reference, because I can’t read them.

    This is one of the proper ways to make a script.

    This is one of the proper ways to make a script.

  2. The EH/ExH gallery link – The reason I prefer EH/ExH is that I can easily download a gallery there, due to me being stacked with GP and/or torrenting is easy. But if you have a better RAW for me to use, link it instead.
  3. A working e-mail address for me to correspond to you.

With that, send me an email at Krizalid [at] KrizalidTranslations [dot] com with the script and the gallery link/RAW, and I’ll reply back when I see it.

Note: A Pastebin link for the script works well too.

Also, if it doesn’t hurt your bank account, it would help a lot if you sprinkle in a bit of cash with that request of yours.

Note for the readers: If the dialogue from the release is less than stellar, or exponentially better than what I usually release, please take note that I only proofread, edited, and released the said work. How they write the dialogue is all up to them, and I have little to no input on them.

But don’t worry, I’ll throw them down the trash bin if it’s Laruffi-tier. For the sake of our sanity.

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  1. Hey, how about doing a post/series how to properly edit mangoes?
    Was always interested in this kind of thing but not much great material available, I think lwb had something awhile ago but never actually got to the interesting parts.

    • Good idea. Even though, there are a lot of resources out there that tackles that kind of stuff. Pretty Anon has it, LWB has it, etc.

      Actually, I did post some videos/WebMs back then at the Sadpanda/E-H/ExH thread on /a/ on how to tackle certain parts of editing. Videos makes comprehending stuff a bit easier, just like this video I made right here.

      People follow from a cookie-cutter way of editing, and eventually people will create their own way to make things easier for them. Let me throw you a bone, make me a structured list of what a beginner would want and what YOU want to learn to edit their first mango, and I’ll make a series.

      And that is more likely to happen than me continuing Boku no Yayoi-san.

  2. Hello, someone anonymously posted these scripts for Tales of the Abyss dj :


    They look cute, I wonder why nobody tried to do them, would you be interested ?

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