Krizalid is Back

Remember what happened to me last year? I had that crutch of being unable to post my own work on E-Hentai, and I have to get a friend of mine to upload my content. That’s a ton hassle for me and for him, jackdude. Krizalid doesn’t like that kind of stuff.

So two days ago at a E-Hentai thread on /a/, there’s a discussion about gallery tagging where I randomly told that it doesn’t matter anymore as I was unable to upload anything under my account anyway. A mod on E-Hentai forums asked for the reason why and told me to contact the site admin and contest the permanent upload ban.

I was actually reluctant to contest the ban, since; a) it’s a hassle; and b) it’s a permaban. But with all thanks to him and all the other anons out there that’s aware of yours truly’s predicament, they told me that what happened to me was an unusual case.

So, I sent a PM to the site admin, and I got a reply 2 days later.

Unbanned and Still Based 02

Well, that’s that. I’m back.

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