(SC57) [MAGIC MACHINERY (RT.)] Miku’s Got One (Vocaloid) [English] =Krizalid&SW=

Another collaboration effort with Dark Mac of Little White Butterflies, and this will be posted on Short Wharf.

This contains consensual anal sex using various positions for the sole purpose of sexual gratification, which is a usual occurrence here in my workshop. So, if you like Hatsune Miku anally penetrating a little girly man that has no qualms sucking a vocal synthesizer’s dick with a Chobits parody on the side, you better read this.

Editing by Krizalid
Translation by Dark Mac
QC by Dark Mac, Masamune, and Almond
RAWs by Sabre Scans

Gallery and download links are posted right down below.

(15 MB, 28 Pages, English Translated)
Alternative Download Mirrors:

Let’s have some solo time, shall we?

So, you’ve noticed that I’ve been releasing collaborative content as of late? Calm your dicks, I will release something reminiscent of my past releases that made Krizalid’s Editing Workshop an altar of excellence.

When will it be?


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