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Ever wondered why Krizalid Translations is not open for commissions, and you’re absolutely sad that you have no other means to use your hard earned cash?

Well, worry no more! Krizalid has the solution to all your problems!


Donate to Krizalid Translations!

Talking shop aside, donation is just an alternative mean of showing your appreciation, and you can still enjoy my releases if you don’t. Still, your donations will help me get some upgrades for my workstation, like a brand new tablet for editing.

“The True Way To Give Krizalid Your Money”

If you are a total badass who actually want to send money via PP. Leave a comment with your email address, so I could correspond to you on where to send the money and the instructions for it.

Your name and details will be handled with utmost confidentiality. Trust me.


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  1. Does Krizalid make commissions? I have noticed I don’t see anything about commissions. I’m asking simply due to curiosity.

  2. Boku no Yayoi-san has have a chapter 4 to 7, and the only translated into english is chapter 3m did you manage to translate the remaining chapter? ty

  3. Krizalid, I have decided I would like to make a donation, but I don’t like the Flattr thing. I actually prefer to use Paypal for donations. Would it be possible to make a donation that way? Please send me an email about it when you have time.

  4. What happened to the flattr link? It was the only reason I even bothered looking up who Okada was.

    But more seriously though, I owe you a donation from sometime in 2013, before things crashed on my end. Things are a lot better now, and I wanted to donate to you directly to make up for it. I don’t feel good about PayPal though, so are there other alternatives you have?

    • But Okada isn’t relegated to just a teeny banner anymore, this page is Okada City now. Just like the release pages being Prince Devitt/Finn Balor City.

      Good thing that you’re on a lot better situation now. Flattr leads to nothing, I’m no big time translation group (Modeled that donation system from pre-premium era SubDESU-H) to benefit from that. For now, PP is the only way to throw your money towards me. You can hold on to your cash until you feel comfy, or until I think about going for Buttcoins (seems unlikely).

      I handle that kind of stuff with utmost confidentiality, just like the other donators that sent me cash. If your identity being compromised was the case, that is.

  5. Hello.

    Can you please translate the and subsequent parts? I’m have bought it all on DLSite. The artist name is Izumi Shoseki, blog address: and i’m asked the artist to put textfile(Shift-JIS encoding) with dialogs and other text in each archive on DLsite. Unfortunately, the first four works don’t have the textfile. Also, exhentai don’t provide functionality for uploading textfiles, so I haven’t uploaded the new parts. If you interested in it, email me and I’m will send you all her works in archives.

    Izumi Shoseki is rare artist and his(her) works have unique style. I’m hope that you accept my request.

    • You’re the first one here who linked an exhentai gallery here, compared to others that uses g.e- links. That aside, I agree that Izumi Shoseki’s art style is pretty unique, something on par with Chuuka Naruto or Kakinomoto Utamaro.

      In terms of your request, I wouldn’t be able to work on that given my current work queue, and the fact that the CG set has no clean version, in which I have to painstakingly clean every single page.

      I recommend you to go for LWB, DesuDesu, or Brolen.

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